From show creator Annie Weisman, the Apple TV+ original half-hour dark comedy series Physical is set in San Diego in the 1980s and follows Sheila Rubin (brilliantly played by Rose Byrne), an internally tortured and unhappy woman who maintains the facade of a dutiful housewife while supporting her husband (Rory Scovel) as he pursues a spot on the state assembly. Deep personal demons and an unhealthy relationship with her own self-image unexpectedly send Sheila straight into the world of aerobics and she decides to set her sights on finding success as a female lifestyle guru.

During a virtual junket for the series, co-stars Byrne and Scovel spoke to Collider for this interview about taking on such complex and challenging material, telling a story that was so personal for their showrunner, the ‘80s looks and aerobics fashion, and finding the tricky balance between the humor and exploring serious issues. Byrne also talked about why she lucked out when it came to her time working on Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, early on in her career.

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