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Site For Sale

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Puff: Wonders Of The Reef – Official Trailer On Netflix

Puff: Wonders of the Reef, narrated by Rose Byrne, marks Netflix’s first Original Australian documentary.

Bridesmaids Star’s New Show Physical Has Future Revealed After Season 1

Bridesmaids star Rose Byrne’s new show Physical had its future confirmed by Apple TV+ before the first season has even finished its run.

The 10 episode dramedy premiered globally on June 18 on Apple TV+ and unveiled its finale to viewers on Friday (August 6).

Earlier in the week though, Apple TV+ confirmed that the show would return for a second run.

“We couldn’t be more proud to showcase [showrunner] Annie Weisman’s singular take on this darkly funny, heartbreaking and bold story,” said Michelle Lee, director of domestic programming for the streamer (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“And then we got to watch Rose Byrne inhabit this incredible, multilayered character, giving us an unforgettable tour de force performance. We have been thrilled to see audiences around the world fall in love and feel seen by this show and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the next chapter in Sheila’s journey towards personal empowerment.”

Set in the beach paradise that is 1980s San Diego, Physical follows Byrne in the role of Sheila, a dutiful, though quietly tortured housewife, who puts taking care of her family before her own needs and desires.

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Christchurch Attack Film Stops Pre-Production After Backlash From Muslim Community

The planned film “They Are Us,” starring Rose Byrne as New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern and centered on the Christchurch mosque shootings that took place in 2019, has been put on hold following unauthorized distribution of the script. Director Andrew Niccol (“Gattaca,” “Good Kill”) shared a statement with New Zealand outlet Newshub that development would be paused after criticisms that the script, which he also wrote, was insensitive. (Via The Guardian.)

“I am deeply saddened by the pain caused to the families of the victims, due to the wrongful distribution of our draft script for ‘They Are Us.’ The script is far from final, and never intended to be shared with the affected members of the Muslim community at such an early stage,” Niccol said, adding that pre-production wouldn’t continue until there is “full consultation with New Zealand’s Muslim community has taken place.”

“The sole purpose of the script, which was released without permission, was to gauge interest of potential financiers. It was given to them in the strictest confidence and all were informed that this was not intended to be the final version. All scenes in the script are placeholders until we have completed further consultation with the families,” he said.

The film had already sparked frustration and outcry from among the Muslim community of New Zealand earlier in the summer, with criticisms that the premise was “obscene” and “insensitive.” It centers around Ardern’s response to the attack.

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